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Thermacell Review - Making Bugs Buzz Off!

Posted on 23 September 2015

With camouflage patterns and scent control products becoming so far advanced and making hunters near invisible to our prey, its almost hard to imagine that no matter how fancy our gear is and how well we conceal ourselves there is always once species that seems to always find us, insects!

Yes, it’s true. No matter how hard we try, insects always manage to find us, and from pesky black flies to the bloodthirsty mosquito, and these little guys always have a habit of finding us at the most un-opportunistic moments of our hunt.

Thermacell ReviewThe last thing us hunters want is to get busted by an animal, or make a poor shot at one, because we could not keep our cool with the bugs in our eyes and on our faces. (Which is where they always aimed to attack me.)

One day I had finally said enough is enough and I went and purchased my Thermacell, and it has paid for itself every time I have entered the woods.

My first initial concern with the product was, scent, which is 99% of my concern with everything I carry into the woods. Because I hunt a high-pressure public land I find the bucks that made it through last year's rifle season are on high alert again by the time bow season comes around the following season. At first I was skeptical. Would being bug-free really be worth missing out on my chances at a whitetail deer? The only way to find out was to hit the woods. So a week before my opening season I went to an area near my tree stand location, set up as I normally would, activated my brand new Thermacell and I waited.

To my surprise, and dramatic relief I had 3 does walk directly past my stand location and not even give the air a second sniff. Then shortly after that a small spike buck came out into view, he stood 15 yards from my stand, into the wind and he had no idea I was even there. That night I slept easy.

So now with the bugs gone, the deer none the wiser all that’s left to do now is pick my target.

When I first opened my Thermacell box, It came with the unit, 3 scent wafers and one butane canister, as well as a carrying case you could wear on your body or tie onto your tree. Initial set up was easy, a quick run thru with the instructions and I was set, this unit is so user friendly I would feel confident using it with younger children around. It advertises a 15 foot by 15 foot bug free zone, and while sitting in a tree stand or blind, I believe it, while on a walk and stalk hunt, I believe the zone to be a little- smaller, perhaps 8 foot by 8 foot zone, but don’t think I’m complaining.

The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent is only $26.99 from Amazon. However, the best value is the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Kit with Refills are only $65.99 and will set you up for many hunts right off the bat.  The base unites are offered in 5 different colors: Olive, Woodlands Camo, Realtree AP Pink, Realtree Xtragreen, and Silver.

Not wanting to supply their customers with any future doubt they integrated their already effective bug deterrent formula with a natural earth scent to help mask all nearby odors! This product is changing the way we hunt, helping us get closer, quieter.

The Thermacell has the ability to be used in all of your outdoor activities, from hunting and fishing, to camping and your backyard BBQ. With this product you will spend more time enjoying yourself and less time entertaining the insects.   



Robert Bouchard Archery Squad

Robert Bouchard

I grew up hunting and spending all my time outdoors when I wasn't in school or working, I've always had a love of hunting and I am a strong believer in having a respect for your kill and being an ethical hunter. Since beginning archery in 2013 I have gone all in by hunting, participating in 3d shoots and I am working to master my new trade, from building arrows to fine tuning bows, I'm also looking forward to starting as an instructor and working with the youth to get more people involved in the sport and lifestyle.

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