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Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand - Product Review

Posted on 20 November 2015

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand

Whether its superstition, force of habit, or simply results, some hunters are happy going to their same “old reliable” tree stand week after week, year after year. These hunters have the luxury to hunt the same piece of ground for many seasons, and the fortune of predictable and well scouted deer patterns. Established properties such as these makes the inconvenience of moving stands unnecessary. Access to these types of properties, though, is not the norm for the average Joe hunter. For many hunters, deer season is a few long weekends or maybe weeks’ worth of vacation. Some may be going into property without stands in place and little time to scout. A day of hunting can easily be wasted scouting and setting up a stationary stand. If you guess wrong, you can waste even more time relocating a stand, or worse, push deer out of the area and ruin your chance at a big buck.  The solution for hunters with limited preseason access or limited time to scout their prime hunting spot is the Lone Wolf Treestands Alpha Tech Hang-On Treestand.

Bow hunters are always trailing the latest and greatest technology to help bag the elusive 180+ buck. With such a wide range of scents, calls, rattle packs and other accessories, a bowman’s pack can quickly fill up. With having to haul all of this gear into the filed already, it’s hard to imagine adding more luggage. The alpha Tech F1 is one practical piece of equipment that will not weigh a person down in the field and will get you to where the deer are. Made from the same lightweight aluminum as the Lone Wolf Alpha and Assault, the Alpha Tech F1 has a roomy 30” X 19 1/2” platform and weighs in at under 14 pounds. Attach the included shoulder straps, and the Alpha Tech F1 becomes a back pack of its own for convenient and easy carry in and out of the best spots. Add a set of lightweight climbing sticks to the stand and any tree in the field is instantly accessible by adding less than 25 pounds of gear. With the E-Z hook hang system, the Alpha Tech F1 can be set up in less than twenty minutes. I’ve seen these hung in less than ten minutes by people who know their way around a tree stand.

I’ve sat in too many preset tree stands watching bucks chase does down paths on the other side of the property. I watched this scene play out time and time again, and each time I always spotted the perfect tree for a stand 200 yards away. Hauling a ladder stand or ladder and hang-on stand took time away from my limited hunting time and put unnecessary pressure on the deer. Instead of spending my weekend hunt watching and wishing, I starting packing in my Alpha Tech F1 and put myself right in the middle of the action.

The Alpha Tech F1 combines two traditional approaches to deer hunting, allowing you to spot and stalk from the tree tops. It’s lightweight, portability, and ease of set up, provide bow hunters with a new strategy in the field. If you are tired of sitting in the same old spot, not sure what tree to place your bet on, or are simply looking for a fun new way to chase your trophy, the Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 is the stand for you.

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Lindsey Bauer

Lindsey Bauer

Lindsey Bauer grew up shooting everything from revolvers to shotguns but did not start shooting a bow until 2013. Her father-in-law and brother-in-law got her hooked on the sport of archery and she has not turned back since. Lindsey has competed in several 3D and paper target competitions and even placed 3rd at the National Field Archery Association FITA held in Lincoln, Nebraska in January of 2015. Her and her husband recently purchased 40 acres in Iowa that they are looking forward to harvesting monster bucks on for years to come. She loves spending time outdoors and when she is not hunting or working on the land, she enjoys spending time on the water either bow fishing or bass fishing.


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