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End of Hunting Season Blues

Posted on 20 January 2016

Deer season has come and gone and the wait for fall begins again. A constant cycle of anticipation, excitement, and sadness. At the conclusion of every season, I am left with the end of hunting season blues and go to bed dreaming of the monsters who eluded me.

But this is what makes deer season so magical: the emotion, the excitement, the hope. It is going to be a long wait until next fall, but until then I will be working on my shot to ensure I am more confident than ever in the stand. I will also be pushing my mind and body to be in the best shape possible.

Looking back at my 2015 whitetail season, it was filled with several highs and lows. I spent time bow hunting our family farm near Cordova, Nebraska and also took time off of work to enjoy a week long deer camp with my husband in Western Kansas. Although we ended our 2015 season with no meat in the freezer, it was definitely a year to remember!

Our time in Kansas put us right in the heart of the rut and we had the amazing opportunity to see more deer than we ever have. Over the course of the week I had over five 160+ bucks run by my stand, but they were always chasing, and chasing hard. I tried everything to get their attention; snort wheeze, grunting, antler rattling, an estrous drip, can call, whistling, and even yelling stop. Although it was frustrating to have monster bucks so close and no shot opportunity, it was still such a blessing to see these deer in their natural environment and to have the chance to study them up close and personal.

I did have shot opportunities at small bucks, but being as the only people who hunt that land are my husband’s family, the bucks have a good chance at making it until the next season so we do what we can to let them go and let them grow. I also took a shot at a mature doe one evening over an alfalfa field, but unfortunately got target panic and dropped my arm when I released my arrow and shot under her. Of course I was disappointed to shoot under her, but it was a humbling experience. I had worked diligently on my shot throughout the summer to ensure I was readily prepared but I have to admit, that work was not enough. Hunting is truly a year round sport and is just as much mental as it is physical.

The 2016 deer season is just beginning, will you be ready?

Kansas Sunrise

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