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Eastern Colorado Monster

Posted on 25 January 2016

Well I live in eastern Colorado and so there is no opportunity for tree stands; its all spot and stalk. So our hunting season for archery is extremely long and I had been trying to harvest some really nice Bucks and ended up missing 8 different shots on 5×5 and 5×6 size deer within 50 yards.

“I had been out on a Friday and missed a really nice 5×5 at 20 yards and was pissed”.

So I went back out that Saturday (I gave up my opening day of pheasant hunting) and couldn’t find that deer. But to my surprise on the back side of our property here was this monster.

I had been hunting and scouting for a good two solid months and hadn’t seen him at all.  I watched as he moved into a small bottom and started milling around with some does, another nice 5×5, and a couple of spike bucks.  I sat and watched for probably an hour or so and finally everything laid down and I began my stalk.   I crept within about 500 yards and the 5×5 started moving my way and laid down again.

I continued forward and got to the small crick that the 5×5 buck was across from.  I belly crawled through the crick across from the 5×5, passing within 80 yards of him and had to have a heart to heart with myself in not shooting him. I went about another 150 yards on my belly and came upon some does and this massive buck.  Sitting in the small sandy crick bottom there was no cover to hide behind and the does spotted me.

“I sat perfectly still as they watched me”

Fifteen yards away a small spike buck came walking by, with me still sitting in the open sand crick.  He joined up with a 3×3 directly down wind of me and surprisingly the two just walked away.  Then a couple of does took the same route again at fifteen yards and they spotted me, paused and bounded away.  The big guy then laid down 60 yards away from me. There was no way to move on him so I moved up against the small bank that was behind me, pulled out my rangefinder and made several reference points.

About 20 minutes later a doe got up and started down the same track the other deer had taken. Behind her was my massive buck. She stopped and starred at me.  He stopped too, right in front of the 35 yard reference point.  I sat up and fired in the same motion.  I didn’t take into account the wind and the arrow pushed left. This actually worked out quite well because I hit a vital artery.  He went about two hundred yards and laid down in some 5 foot tall grass.  I stalked through it and arrowed him again and he didn’t go fifty yards and fell.  As I walked upon him, I couldn’t believe it, I just shot my first big game animal ever, with a bow and he was huge!!  He green scored at 229 with five inches of deductions and 20 measurable points.  I have heard rumors he could possibly be the number 4 in the state of Colorado for archery.


This article was written by Patrick Halde and originally posted in the Young Archer.

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