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Tree Spider Micro Harness Review

Posted on 19 February 2016

It was a crisp fall afternoon in Western Kansas and I was on the hunt for an elusive 10pt that had been frequenting our property. I decided to sit in my favorite stand that overlooked a small pond, corn stubble, and alfalfa. About an hour into my sit I started to get restless so I decided it was time to drain some battery on my phone by getting some Facebook time in. As I leaned over and reached for my backpack, the unthinkable happened, my stand fell from underneath me. Thankfully I was able to somehow brace myself on the ladder while I fell so my body did not have to endure the full shock of falling and being caught by my tree strap. We check all of our stands throughout the season to ensure they are secure and I always wear a harness so I had never really prepared myself for anything like this. I somehow managed to swing myself over to the ladder, unhook from my tree strap, and climb my way down to safety. Once my boots hit the ground I dropped to my knees and tears filled my eyes. I could not believe what had just happened. To be honest, with how diligent we were with checking our stands, I never invested in a good harness because I never thought I would need to use it. At that time I was wearing one of my grandfather’s harnesses that came with a tree stand. I knew after the fall I would need to buy a new harness and decided it was time to truly invest in my safety.

I never got a shot at the elusive 10pt we had been chasing, but at the end of the day I was safe and that is all that mattered.

Looking back now, I am truly blessed to have been able to walk away from that fall without any injuries. I also realized the importance of a harness and how they can truly save your life. Once we got back to Nebraska, I started doing research on what harness to invest in and what other tools I could use to ensure I would be safe if I happen to fall again. After looking at several different styles, I decided to go with the Tree Spider Micro Harness. I picked this harness as they have one that is designed specifically for females, it is lightweight and is lightly padded for added comfort and ease of movement, it is easily adjustable and has quick connecting leg buckles which make putting it on a breeze, it is small enough to wear under all of my layers, it has a bungee tether that will absorb shock if you happen to fall, and it has Spider Speed Clips that allow you to attach it to Scent Blocker clothing. In addition to the harness, I also decided to go with the Tree Spider Livewire Descent System that allows for hands free descent to use in an emergency or in case of a fall. I was lucky enough in Kansas to have a ladder still up when I fell, but if I would not have I don’t know how I would have ever got down as I did not have a safety line. With the Livewire Descent System I am confident that if an unfortunate situation like that happens again, I will be able to get myself down safely.

The Tree Spider Micro Harness and Livewire Descent System are a great value for the price. I highly recommend these two products for peace of mind in the stand and to ensure you remain safe!

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