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Mathews Mission Flare Review

Posted on 13 October 2016

I loved the thrill of a hunt with a rifle, but I kept hearing it had nothing on bow hunting. The stories my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and grandpa shared about the differences in rifle hunting vs. bow hunting and why they preferred a bow peaked my interest. What really got my attention was how close to nature they said it brought them and how much of an additional challenge it presented.

The first bow I ever shot was my father-in-law’s Mathews that had a draw length of 31in and a draw weight of 60lbs. You can imagine what a sight that was! Despite my father-in-law’s bow being “wrong” for me in just about every way possible, I still managed to put my first 10 arrows in a 3inx3in grouping. It was not as difficult as I imagined and felt like something I could learn to do. After a few more arrows I was confident learning to shoot a bow well enough to hunt would be my next adventure.

My good friends at Blue River Archery in Fairbury, Nebraska, helped me narrow down my search and picked out a few bows they thought would be a good fit. For me, choosing a bow was all about the feel and how it sat in my hand. I prefer to shoot a youth model shotgun due to the compact nature and was looking for the same sort of concept in a hunting bow. The first bow they put in my hands was the Mathews Mission Flare. I loved the grip and feel of the bow and instantly knew it was the one.

The Flare weighs in at less than four pounds and features single cam technology, parallel limb design, and a machined riser. The draw is smooth and the bow produces very little noise thanks to the String Suppressors™, D-Amplifiers™, and string stop. It also has an IBO rate of up to 315 FPS. The light weight makes it easy to haul and allows me to hold my draw to steady on a target with ease. The axle to axle length is 30 ¼” which I feel is a perfect length for stability and control.

The Flare is a great bow for those just starting out and serious hunters alike. It empowers ladies to be 100% confident and comfortable in the stand and focus on what they can control: breathing, draw, release, etc. No more worrying about if the bow fits in your hand just right, if the bow will get too heavy, or if the draw length is too long or not long enough.

Female shooters should take a serious look at the Mission Flare. It is backed by Mathews, one of the biggest names in the archery industry and is a fantastic value. You don’t have to spend thousands to get a high quality high performing bow.


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